Christmas: fun or belief?


Christmas is a holiday that is under tremendous attack in recent times. Santa Claus has taken the place of Jesus and shopping centre has taken the place of the temple. The Sunday before Christmas a Church’s parking is empty and in the malls it is a challenge to find a place to park the car. The Bible says: “where your treasure is, there it is your heart (mat. 6:21)” Where is your heart? In a shopping mall?

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9/11: tragedy or oportunity?

9/11 scammer

It is bad news to read in a The New York Times that a tragedy such as the one of the 11th of September, was taken as an advantage by a few. Some police officers and firefighters have retired because they were not able to continue with their job after the shock of the Twin Tower’s disaster. The thing is that is has recently been discovered that a few of these retirements were a scam.

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The Butler, inspired in a true story

The Bulter

Film critics like Mark Kermonde, Peter Bradshaw or Katey Rich give a pass grade to the recent film The Butler, which you can still see in some cinemas. Inspired in a true story, this film tells us the story of a butler that worked in the White House from the administration of Eisenhower to the Reagan’s one. During this period, Cecil Gaines in the film or Eugene Allen in real life, lived the way to rights of black people. Continue reading