Christmas: fun or belief?


Christmas is a holiday that is under tremendous attack in recent times. Santa Claus has taken the place of Jesus and shopping centre has taken the place of the temple. The Sunday before Christmas a Church’s parking is empty and in the malls it is a challenge to find a place to park the car. The Bible says: “where your treasure is, there it is your heart (mat. 6:21)” Where is your heart? In a shopping mall?

Christmas is a birthday party where we buy gifts to all but the child who is celebrating, where a party is made but the honoree is not invitied, where now we try not to say the name of the child who was born, the name of Jesus.

For more confusion and dismay in the last few years, we have seen emerge certain leaders of different Christian denominations that have joined the campaign of the Catholic Christmas enemies. They shout that it is a pagan festival, and base his holy war against the celebration of the birth of Jesus, in the belief that in ancient Rome that day is the feast of the Sun. Other scholars of the word of God claim that Jesus was not born on this date and propose as a solution to the issue the forgetting of this party.


One thought on “Christmas: fun or belief?

  1. Well first of all, the idea that Jesus was born around the winter solstice can’t really be true. The shepherds would not have been outside in the cold and rainy weather of winter. Also, there wouldn’t have been a census during the winter. Of course there are other historical problems with the census but I won’t get into those here.

    Then again, I no longer consider myself christian, so it’s just fun for me.

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