The Butler, inspired in a true story

The Bulter

Film critics like Mark Kermonde, Peter Bradshaw or Katey Rich give a pass grade to the recent film The Butler, which you can still see in some cinemas. Inspired in a true story, this film tells us the story of a butler that worked in the White House from the administration of Eisenhower to the Reagan’s one. During this period, Cecil Gaines in the film or Eugene Allen in real life, lived the way to rights of black people.

Allen had a ringside seat at history by serving every president from Eisenhower to Reagan and finally lived to see the dream come true. A black man was in the White House – in a position other than menial. Peter Bradshaw.

So at the end a black man achieved to be the president of USA, leading the White House, and the butler could see it with his own eyes. It is really interesting to know this story, because it is another point of view that you can not find in history books.

En route he sees Eisenhower face down the segregationists of Arkansas; tends to a blood-splattered Jackie Kennedy in the wake of JFK’s assassination; hears Nixon blather drunkenly about Watergate; watches Reagan stubbornly veto sanctions against apartheid South Africa. Mark Kermonde.

There are lots of things that happened in the White House and kept there, and non of us will never know about them. It is interesting to see how the butler sees all these and keeps his mouth closed, although the society of that time did not trust black people.



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