Capone and the Prohibition

The Prohibition law in the States, from 1920 to 1933, was a period in wich makin, manufacturing, transporting and selling  alcohol was ilegal and also condened as a crime. There was no forbiden to drin alcohol, but it was quite dificult. During that years, black market of alcohol, ilegal  destilleries and hidden bars. Incredibly te alcohol consume grow up 66% during the years of “the Volstead Act”.

The Prohibition or the “Volstead act” established that any 5º level up alcohol was dangerous, so it was prohibited. Most of the population of the US was not agree with the law, so to provide them selves alcohol they turn to the mafia.

In that time the Chicago´s mafia leader was “Al” Capone, his organitation was important due to blackmails, extorsion, murders, money giving and “security” services. But, after the 20´s it become the most important organization due to hidden bars, illegal alcohol bussines and gambling (in the same locals very often). Capone managed the illegal bars an destilleries and earned a fortune with them.

Alphonse Gabriel Capone also know as “Al” Capone and ” Scaface” (due to te big scars that he had in his face) was one of the most important headmasters of the mafia during the prohibition. He was followed by  Eliot Ness´s  Untouchables. Capone keep his bussines in good secret, no bills, fake companies… but the Untouchables send he to the courts after many years working arround. The labour of the FBI was dificulted by the italian “Silence law” that consist in not to talk anything about the mafia.  Despite being guilty of ” Valentines day masacre” and much other crimes that couldn’t be proved, Capone was arrested by tax evasion and failing to file tax returns.

It said, and can’t be totally proved , that to distribute his licours and beer  without being caugth Capone used the sewage system and some tunnels in the undreground of Chicago.

The “Vostead Act” was abolished by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1993.

Al Capone has been a reference for films of gangsters some films including veri famous ones like ” The Goodfather” and “Scarface” are based on his character.


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